Here are 7 interesting facts you need to know about Lake Toba:

1. The length reaches 87 kilometers and width 27 kilometers.
2. Recognized as the largest volcanic lake or crater lake in the world.
3. It is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.
4. The amount of water in Lake Toba is enough to inundate the entire United Kingdom up to about one meter high.
5. Samosir Island in the middle of Lake Toba has an area of ​​647 square kilometers that is almost the same as the Republic of Singapore.
6. Lake on the lake, that’s what is on the island of Samosir, because it has two lakes in the middle of the island located in the middle of Lake Toba.
7. Formed by one of the most powerful eruptions of Mount Toba, the volcanic volcanoes throughout history since the earth was formed and the largest in the last two million years. The eruption of Mount Toba which is about 74,000 years ago made the earth cold because the volcanic dust covered the earth’s surface so that the temperature in the earth decreased to 10 degrees Celcius and volcanic ash reached Greenland at the north pole and Antarctica at the south pole.

It seems incomplete if a visit to North Sumatra, but not to the Lake Toba. The largest lake in Indonesia presents a very beautiful scenery around it.

Lake Toba or Batak language known as Tao Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia. Unmitigated, the lake with a length of 100 km and width of 30 km is located in several districts in North Sumatra, namely Simalungun, Samosir, North Tapanuli, Humbang Hasundutan, Karo, and Dairi.

Exhaustion of travel to visit the lake will pay off when the eyes are difficult to close because of the beauty of the lake is amazing. Once satisfied to enjoy the beauty of the lake from one side, namely in the area Tuk-tuk, our journey continues to Hot Spring. It makes no difference, all the locations here are so beautiful!